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Don't just survive. Thrive.
I've been in ministry for more than 25 years. I'm passionate about encouraging
a new generation of ministry personnel to enjoy a long and faithful ministry.
Chapter 1: On Family
3 simple and practical ideas to help you put your spouse and family first. There's no way to succeed in ministry without this.
Chapter 2: On Preaching
Teaching is a critical part of having influence in the local church. But it's not about you, is it? Learn how to maximize your preaching potential.
Chapter 3: On Days Off
This is the easiest thing and hardest thing to do in ministry. But, if you can master it everything in ministry gets better.
Chapter 4: On Finance
Don't want to work forever? Neither do I! What's your plan for retirement and are you ready to start making big changes? 

The Author

Phil Ayres is a writer and pastor. He writes about issues and challenges for leaders in small church ministry.
I started writing this little e-book because it's just what I needed to read about 15 years ago. I wanted to put some practical ideas out there that I think will be helpful to men and women in ministry no matter how long they have been serving or at what level. You might be full-time or a volunteer--or somewhere in between.
If so I think you'll find something that will apply to your life and ministry. Remember, ministry is a great way of life but it's also hard and can be lonely too. 
I hope you'll join me on this journey and do all you can to make it last for as many years as possible.
In Christ,
Phil Ayres © 2017. All rights reserved.