Current Series: August - October

In his first epistle, the apostle John walks through several aspects of the Christian life, revealing where the evidence lies for each. Do you know God? You can prove it because the evidence is in your obedience. Do you truly love your neighbor? You can prove it because the evidence is in your sacrifice.


June 2 - June 23
The popular series returns for another set of sermons on some of the greatest (and least known) parts of the Bible. There's much to learn from the stories of heroes and villains in the Old and New Testament.

May 2019
Wanna handle your money better? The Bible is a great place to learn about finances! This short 3-week series is all about unleashing the generosity that is built into everyone.

Feb-Mar 2019
This five-week series explores the life of the prophet Jeremiah, a ministry that was characterized by opposition, suffering, and a message that his people did not want to hear. What can we learn from his faithful journey and the message that God gave his rebellious people?

January 2019
This three-week sermon series covers three integral pieces of our daily routine: work, rest, and worship. With our susceptibility to compartmentalization and overindulgence, we as Christians should be diligent in finding the rhythm God intended for us in our jobs, our rest, and the worship that takes place in the midst of our daily lives.

December 2018
This 5-week teaching series centers around the idea of God relating to us as a human man in the form of Jesus.

August-November 2018
This is a 12-week teaching of the New Testament epistle to the Romans--reasonsably deep theologically, but still very, very practical.

May-June 2018
5-weeks looking at some of the most fascinating and sometimes crazy stories in all of the Bible. Very Interesting stuff here.

A 3-week series to help understand how God wants us to handle our money. A practical message series for everyone.

Jesus quoted the book of Deuteronomy more than any other Old Testament book. An 8-week series uncovering the fascinating and incredible book of Deuteronomy.

Christmas 2017
A 4-week series focusing on Advent featuring messages on Peace, Love, Joy, and Hope.