What To Look For In A Church

What to look for in a church

There’s a term for people who are looking for a church—they are called “Church Shoppers.” I have never really liked that phrase because usually when someone enters my church and says they are “church shopping” I get the idea that we are being evaluated and judged. It’s not the evaluation that bothers me, it’s the …

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Kickstarter Project: Flannelgraph Jesus

Another book about Jesus? Yes! But I think you’ll like it. Here’s why: First, it’s not for theologians or super Christians—it’s for everybody. You won’t need an exegetical dictionary to read it. You’ll only need to be interested in seeing Jesus in a refreshingly new light. Second, it might change your life. Scratch that, Jesus …

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Six Surefire Ways To Alienate New People

Matheus Ferrero

[dropcap]Nobody [/dropcap]tries to alienate people that are visiting church. As ministry leaders, we should be as inclusive as possible without sacrificing the message of the gospel. Even so, churches across the country are accidentally excluding potential attendees by simply forgetting what it’s like to be new. We need to be intentional about what we do, what …

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