How To Be A Better Listener: 3 Simple Tips

[dropcap]Every[/dropcap] ministry leader needs to be a good listener. Unfortunately, listening is a lost art. This is especially true in an era where opinion and individualism are valued over practically everything else. Everyone wants to be heard, but it seems that few want to listen.   The challenge for ministry leaders and pastors is that …

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A Better Way To Communicate

Today’s Toolbox Tuesday brings me to one of my favorite ministry tools of all time: Slack. It’s a powerful too to help you communicate. The application allows you to create a private “intranet,” complete with discussion “channels.” Example: Let’s say that I need to share some information about an upcoming Sunday programming change. I can …

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Your Free Graphic Designer

[dropcap]Lots[/dropcap] of big churches employ at least one person to produce quality, custom graphics for sermon series, events, flyers, and social media. But if you’re involved in ministry at a smaller level you may be frustrated by the mediocre graphics that often accompany your projects. In the small church world, one is often forced to …

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